Wax on, wax off. Chrissy Teigen is looking for a wax professional STAT!

The “Cravings” author is about to pop out her fourth child any day now!

She wants her lady bits to look in tip-top shape for the delivery nurses and doctors.

Teigen took to Twitter on Wednesday, January 11th, to inquire the internet about getting waxed while pregnant.

She first tweeted, “I know it’s definitely more painful pregnant but is waxing down there while pregnant a littttttle bit worse or a lot worse? I can do a little worse.”

One fan replied, “Just trim, it’s all good.”

Unfortunately for Teigen, she can no longer “see it.”

Another fan hilariously replied, “I can’t unsee this,” to which Teigen responded, “Imagine what the poor lady has to see.”

When asked why she is even bothering with waxing her “downstairs,” the former “Sports Illustrated” model said, “trying to do the doctors a solid.”