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Woah Vicky 911 Calls: Frantic Woman Claims to Have Heard '20-30 Shots' Despite There Being No Shooter

By TheBlast Staff

There was no active shooter and not a single shot was fired during the chaos that led to the arrest of Instagram star Woah Vicky, but 911 operators were still flooded with frantic calls ... including one from a person that claimed to hear "20-30 shots" fired.

As The Blast first reported, social media celebrity Victoria Waldrip – better known by her Instagram handle Woah Vicky – was arrested in a local North Carolina mall after allegedly kicking a police officer. Amid the chaos, Greensboro Police told us someone in the crowd yelled about shots being fired and panic ensued.

According to the Guilford Metro 9-1-1, there were emergency 43 calls made about the incident. In one of the first calls, a woman frantically tells the dispatcher, "I'm at Four Seasons mall and there's been a shooting ... Everybody's just running ... Like 20-30 shots."

As time went on, the calls began to come from people who weren't even at the mall, but rather from people who were contacted by people that were.

By the end, once police realized there was no active shooter, dispatchers were informing callers of the truth. During call 42, the dispatcher told the caller, "There were reports of a shooter. Turns out there was no shooter. There was an assault and some disorder ... There's been some stuff going on and something that sounded like shots that everybody panicked."

According to a police spokesperson, Vicky was charged with trespassing, assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer.

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