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Tom Petty's Daughter Wanted to Cut The Heartbreakers Out of Greatest Hits

By TheBlast Staff

Tom Petty's family is at war over the late rockstar's estate, and in newly released documents Petty's widow is claiming his daughter actually wanted to leave The Heartbreakers off his posthumous musical collection.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Dana Petty claims the late star's daughter, Adria, "threatened to halt" the box set project that was planned after Tom's death, and that Adria was "poised to shatter the incredibly important relationship with the Heartbreakers."

Tom formed Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers in 1976 when he joined up with musicians Mike Campbell, Ron Blair, Stan Lynch and Benmont Tench.

The documents claim Adria wanted the box set collection to be titled, "Tom Petty" and not "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers." Apparently Tom's longtime personal manager felt it was important to include The Heartbreakers.

The subject came up twice with two different releases, and Adria felt so strongly about the posthumous collection just being about her father, that she penned a letter to the managers of The Heartbreakers, telling them, "I spoke to my dad every time a record was released or a tour booked. He trusted me with important matters and it seems no one recalls this."

Adria then got more aggressive, and wrote, "What I don't have the temperament for is having my entire life raped. Being disparaged. My dad being disgraced," adding, "And being surrounded by selfish, unreliable people land drug addicts."

According to text messages between Adria and Dana, Tom's daughter told his widow, "I don't know why you think it is ok to come at the end of the art process and change my design that have been working on for months," adding, "I am glad you are now interested but I would really appreciate it if you would drop the rep thing. I hate it and I am the one who has been working on this for months."

When Dana told Adria she was being very harsh, the woman responded, "You know what's not cool or legal is street fentanyl," referring to the cause of death for the rocker. Adria does not exactly point the finger at Dana for Tom's death, but she makes a pretty heavy implication.

Dana's attorney, Adam Streisand, tells The Blast, "Dana Petty would have done almost anything to avoid all of this. Over the past weeks and months, however, the behavior of her stepdaughters Adria and Annakim has gone from unconscionable to unhinged – and it needs to be stopped."

The fight was volatile, but in the end Dana relented, and Adria got her way and the "An American Treasure" box set was released in September 2018 with just Tom's name and photo.

Tom Petty Box Set

The set includes several rare and unreleased songs and gained universal acclaim.

The reason the fight has now been brought to light is because Dana is trying to prove that Adria is intentionally trying to blow up the business dealings and structure that were put in place by the will left by her father.

According to the will, Dana has final say on decisions and to set up business structure for his estate, but that is not sitting well with Tom's two daughters.

As we reported, Dana has already taken the steps to fire both Adria and Annakim from Tom's company, and has said she tried her hardest to make things work with the girls.

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