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Stripper Who Fell TWO-Stories Says I Am NEVER Stripping Again!

Wendy Williams
By Mike Walters

The young lady who fell off of a two-story stripper pole is now vowing to never step foot on a stage again...and the best part is thanks to Wendy Williams she will get a head start into a new career.

The stripper, Genea Sky, just appeared on the 'Wendy Williams Show' to make her first sit down interview appearance to discuss what happed that fateful night.

Shockingly, as we reported, Genea's jaw is wired shut after she broke it in the fall. But, she was still able to answer questions from Wendy without moving her mouth all that much.

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Dancer Describes Injuries In Gruesome Details...


Ms. Sky described the gruesome injuries in detail during the interview saying the jawbone actually cracked and came through the skin into her teeth. She explains how most of her broken teeth are in the back of her mouth because of the violent smash her head took hitting the floor.

Wendy asked Genea about the stripping business and she replied, "I'm Done." She said she will never strip again. In fact, she says this painful experience was a "blessing in disguise," because she has been looking for a way out of the industry.

"I've been praying to get of stripping for a very long time," she told the talk show host. The 24-year-old dancer told Williams she wants to go back and finish school to become an esthetician.

Wendy Surprises Her With A $10,000 Scholarship!!

Wendy Williams

In a great surprise moment in the show, Wendy presented Genea with a $10,000 scholarship to help her finish beauty school. She was brought to tears when producers brought out the giant check for her to hold.

Fans agreed and took to Twitter to show love and support to the young lady. "I just wanted to say that what you did for Genea Sky was so wonderful. She really brought tears to my eyes when she was surprised with the check for a scholarship for school," one person tweeted.

"I just saw you on @WendyWilliams and you handled yourself amazing well. God bless, heal quickly & ignore the ignorance. God has amazing plans for you," another added.

Vows To NEVER Strip Again!


A few audience members and fans of the show were also brought to tears at the genuinely great moment on the show, with one person tweeting, " y’all got me crying. The show gave the young woman #GeneaSky $10,000 scholarship for beauty school."

As we reported, Genea just got out of surgery for her broken jaw which had to be wired shut, and she posted several photos from the hospital bed. She even powered through the interview with the wire still in place!

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