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Internships, The Final Frontier

Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS
By J. Atkin

"Star Trek: Discovery" has been streaming on CBS All Access since 2017. Set between the original "Star Trek," and "Star Trek: Enterprise," the show focuses on the crew of the USS Discovery and the Klingon houses uniting in war against the United Federation of Planets. The upcoming season three will jump 1000 years into the future of the ship and introduce a whole host of new characters and disasters for them to deal with. CBS is also working on another new "Star Trek" series, "Star Trek: Piccard" starring Sir Patrick Stewart in his return to the role of Jean-Luc Picard. Set twenty years after we last saw Stewart as Picard, the series is only the second of what CBS hopes will be a plethora of new Star Trek stories. As always, the series seeks to highlight science, discovery, diversity, and inclusion.

CBS Television has now united with the Television Academy to highlight diversity and inclusion a little closer to home. They plan to launch the "Star Trek" Internship program next year, in 2020. The program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students and will be known as, “Star Trek Command Training Program.” The program plans to offer two interns positions to work on a "Star Trek" series per semester, beginning this summer. Odds are opportunities will be available on both "Discovery," and "Picard. The Network hopes the program will provide an immersive experience in the full production process for television. Opportunities will exist in the writers' room, wardrobe, on set, and post-production. Working on a show set to show solely on a streaming channel will certainly put interns right in the middle of the current television renaissance. As Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus begin their war with Netflix, more and more content is heading for streaming platforms rather than live network television. Interns on any of the "Star Trek" programs will be right in the mix, and working with talent that has been working on streamed content alone for over three years already.

The Academy Foundation will be in charge of reviewing all the applications as CBS coordinates mentorships and curriculum for all admitted interns. Applications for the opportunity will open in the new year, on January 21. Applicants must be 18-year-old or older and will be able to apply at CBS and the Academy hope to have their first batch of interns selected by March.

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