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Adult Film Star Riley Reid Reveals Her Great Grandpa Was Honored By Martin Luther King Jr. For Activism

By Jeff Mazzeo

One of the most famous adult film stars in the world revealed that her relative was honored by the most famous civil rights activist in the world.

Riley Reid shared an awesome black and white pic of Martin Luther King Jr. presenting her great grandfather with a heartfelt letter that thanked him for his activism. She explained that her grandpa organized and participated in a sit down strike at his place of work because of the unfair treatment of black citizens.

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What An Honor


Reid gushed about how proud she is to have a history of activism in her family.

"My great grandfather was an activist for the civil rights movement," she explained on social media.

"Living in NYC he demonstrated a sit down strike at the hotel he worked out fighting for the rights of black people when hotels wanted to stop providing jobs to them. Martin Luther King heard about this and wrote my great grandfather a letter and came to his place of work to thank him along with Betty Benzt, civil rights activist."

Example Of How We Can Work Together


The film star continued her musing by expressing why she is so fond of the old picture.

"I love this photo because it shows the unity of people when we work together on how things can change. We need to be better and I want to be as strong as my great grandfather who risked his own job and life to help people when they needed it the most."

"We are all people who deserve an equal chance at life. Support in anyway you can. Donate. Write letters to your politicians. Vote. Share the knowledge. But most of all spread love. #BlackLivesMatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd,"

Using Her Platform


Riley has used her platform to let her fans know that she is demanding justice for George Floyd and that Black Lives Matter. She shared several posts over the last few days calling for equality.

"Black Lives Matter. Spread Love. Spread Unity. We are the Human Race," she captioned one IG post.

If you follow her work closely, you are well aware that she believes in equal rights and does not discriminate... which is one of the reasons she has so many fans.

Rocky Family Life


Riley may be extremely proud and fond of her family history but several months ago, she revealed that she doesn't have the best relationship with her parents.

"You would never know from these pictures that I’ve been crying most days. You would never know from these pictures that I don’t talk to my parents or that my best friend is no longer my best friend or that the person that I love doesn’t love me back. You would never know from these picture of the many things I struggle with in my personal life. So here’s me kinda pretending that I’m doing alright," she wrote on Instagram.

We hope that her relationships have all improved since then.

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