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'RHOC' Meghan Edmonds Accuses Husband Jim Of Partying With Younger Women

By Ryan Naumann

“Real Housewives of Orange County” Meghan Edmonds is spilling all the tea on her split from husband Jim Edmonds.

The reality star decided she was ready to share her story amid her divorce battle from Jim.

Meghan started off by explaining the hurt she dealt with over Jim’s previous sexting incident. She said, “Anyone who has lived through infidelity knows how difficult it is to overcome and regain a strong marriage. It requires both people to be all in. It requires the betrayer to put in the time and effort to repair the trust that was broken. To be fully open and transparent. Sadly, that’s not what happened here.”

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She claims, “my husband was drinking and partying with much younger women, including several of our babysitters, and I found this gallivanting inappropriate, immature, and downright odd …. he started lying about where he was going or who he was going with—and deleting entire text conversations on his phone with several of these young women. And when I learned of a particular outing with a babysitter, this time, to a hockey game, that Jim repeatedly lied about, I asked him to include me on all future texts with this sitter but he said, “No.” Another major red flag.”


Meghan admits she doesn’t know if Jim slept with their ex-nanny or “whether they were just being exceedingly inappropriate by hanging out socially without either of them telling me (and Jim expressly lying to me about it).”

The “RHOC” star says she admits she confronted Jim and their nanny last week. She then learned of her “divorce” from a reporter calling her for comment.

She added, “I’m disgusted by what has surfaced in the media. I love my husband and I’m devastated that our marriage is being broken up in the ugliest and messiest way. I am sad that members of Jim’s family are reveling in our demise. And I am saddest for the children. My step kids, Landon and Sutton, have lost a stepmother whom they love and will have to endure another divorce and broken home in their short lifetime. And my three babies who will likely never remember their parents being married.”


Meghan ended, “I am broken for my family. I am buried in despair. I cry at the drop of a hat. But I am enduring.”

The post comes days after accusations Jim cheated with their nanny, Carly Wilson. Both Jim and Wilson have denied the allegations.

Meghan and Jim got married back in October 2014. She would join the cast of “Real Housewives of Orange County” in 2015.

The two appeared on the reality show from season 10-12. Meghan came back this season as a guest of the Housewives.

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