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Bullied Boy Quaden Bayles Now Being Cyberbullied On Twitter, People Questioning His Story

By Mike Walters

In a shocking turn of events, the 9-year-old boy who was relentlessly bullied to the point of contemplating suicide is now the focus on a Twitter campaign questioning the validity of the little boy's story. At this point, many are pointing out that this is EXACTLY what the problem is with our society.

Today on Twitter, "He's 18" became a trending topic with people posting and re-posting a story about young **Quaden Bayles **actually being an adult. The rumor went viral, and many began questioning if the video was some sort of social media scam or ruse to raise money online.

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One tweet read, "Just so you know...he scammed everybody..he's 18...has plenty of money and yeah everyone fell for it. Now if I'm wrong please source your link and explain why to me. He's an Instagram celeb and deleted captions pertaining to his 18th birthday post."

Of course, the subject immediately became a focus on social media with others tweeting, " "Please someone tell me that Quaden and his mom didn't fake this and scam everyone?!?!?!?!."

The posts included a link to Quaden's modeling and acting profile where the young boy was posed in high-end clothing and posing for the camera. But, nowhere on these pages did it reveal age difference. This did not stop the flood of questions online...

Luckily, with a few minutes of research, it is obvious this rumor is just that a sick rumor. So, many people started to make the point about the problem with adults online cyberbullying him and questioning the story.

"What the hell is happening? Why are people on social media spreading fake information and why are people believing it. Quaden is not 18. He’s 9 years old," one person tweeted.

Another added, "If you’re spreading this “Quaden Bayles is a fake” narrative you’re the worst kind of person. He’s a 9-year-old whose differently-abled and wants to die because people like you make his life harder. Be sad about that. Be ashamed about it."

In the end, many people started to share links of the boy and his families heroic journey which has been featured several times on television and online.

"#QuadenBayles is actually 9. Here he is 5 years ago at age 4 on TV. Just because his mom dresses him up and he acts different doesn't mean he is 18. She was trying to make him as happy as possible knowing his future of getting bullied," a person tweeted with a link to a television profile of one of the young boy's surgeries.

As we reported, several celebrities have stepped up to send positive messages to Quaden, including Hugh Jackman. Plus, comedian Brad Williams has launched a GoFundMe to send him and his family to Disneyland.

The irony of this situation is making many question the fact that this may be the problem with our society at this point, and what should be done to address it.

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