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Dr. Pimple Popper strikes again -- this time it's with a ginormous cyst on a guy's back. It's as gross as you would want it to be, at least for those folks who live for popping and squeezing.

Everyone Has An Opinion

Giphy | DKISS

The comments below Sandra Lee's video are always a treat to read, just for the random reactions.

"Using the curette to dig out all the cyst - like digging for treasure," said one.

The video is even motivational, prompting one viewer to write: "This doesn’t gross me out at all- makes me want to be a dermatologist tbh."

Someone else was glad for the change of pace:

"A nice break from the world of Lipomas. LOL I in-cyst on looking out for the rare Cyst Punch and a Curette. Move over Lipoma wooooo ! LOL."

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