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'Ant-Man' Star Paul Rudd Reveals He Avoids Stepping on Ants

By Gary Trock

Paul Rudd is so thankful to the ant world for launching him into superhero stardom that he is trying to repay the favor ... by not crushing them to death.

The "Ant-Man" star appeared Wednesday on SiriusXM's "The Howard Stern Show" to promote his new Netflix show, "Living With Yourself."


During the interview, he spoke about the amazing ride he's had since joining the Marvel family.

"I have really, really good powers," Rudd explained with delight while describing his initial moments on the set of the first "Ant-Man" film and even revealing a deep conversation with the late Stan Lee.


Rudd went on to admit that he has actually "read up" on ants, and is in awe of how "amazing" they are.

"Do you ever kill ants?" Stern asked the star. Rudd responded, "You know what, I really try not to."

The "Ant-Man and the Wasp" star followed up that it definitely "feels like bad karma," and he tries his best to avoid killing any insects.

"Am I really so much better than a spider?" Rudd rhetorically questioned.

However, he did admit that accidents happen and "every once in awhile, it's just too much of an inconvenience and you step on 'em."


Rudd also revealed to Stern that he had to audition "about 5 or 6 times" before landing his breakout role as Josh, the stepbrother of Alicia Silverstone's character.

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