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Nipsey Hussle Under Investigation for Gang Ties, Even Though He's Dead

By Gary Trock

Nipsey Hussle is the target of an ongoing investigation by the LAPD that began before the rapper was tragically murdered.

According to the New York Times, Nipsey, his business associates and The Marathon Clothing store are under investigation to determine if the corner plaza on Slauson and Crenshaw is a hub for illegal gang activity.

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The Times claims the investigation began sometime before Nipsey was killed in March, and that city officials were allegedly pressuring the hip-hop star's landlords to evict him and his associates from the property before Nipsey ended up buying the whole place.

Officials from the LAPD and the L.A. City Attorney's Office are allegedly in talks with the current property owners to, "mitigate some of the crime issues."

What's interesting, the day after Nipsey was gunned down in the parking lot of the strip mall that was under investigation, city officials hailed him as a hero and pillar of the community.

In fact, Nipsey was scheduled to meet with President of the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners, Steve Soberoff, the day after he was murdered.


Days after Nipsey's death, The Marathon Clothing store parking lot turned from an alleged hotbed of gang activity into a memorial scene for the slain rapper.

It has now been cleaned up, but the investigation into the area by city officials is ongoing.

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