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Brown's Myles Garrett Smashes Steelers QB Over The Head With Helmet: Possible Criminal Charges?

By Mike Walters

In one of the most shocking moments in sports history, NFL player Myles Garrett took off the helmet of Steeler's quarterback Mason Rudolph, and actually swung and hit him with it.

The insane moment transpired at the end of the Thursday night football game. In the finals seconds of the game, Myle Garrett tackled Rudolph and when they went to the ground a fight ensued.

The brawl ended with Garrett crushing Mason Rudolph over the head with the QB's own helmet after pulling it off of him.

You have to see the video, it is brutal.

See The Insane Video!


In early reactions to the fight, fans on social media are calling for the most extreme discipline for Garrett including possible arrest or criminal charges.

"Here’s my analysis: Myles Garrett should be fired, fined, and arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Mason Rudolph should be fined and suspended for attempting to remove the helmet first. @NFL has to hold the players accountable for their actions," one person tweeted.

In interviews following the game, Brown's head coach Freddie Kitchens said, "Myles understands what he did wrong. We're Not going to give him an excuse."

Victim Speak Out, Calls It "Bush-League"

Gettyimages | Elsa

The victim, Mason Rudolph said the attack was "bush-league" and a "total coward move on his part." He ended by saying he would, "not back down from any bully out there."

NFL insider Skip Bayless tweeted, "Myles Garrett should get a LONG suspension for that. Ripping off a quaterback's helmet, then bashing the helmetless quarterback in the head with his own helmet??? Never seen anything like it. So low."

Retired NFL runningback Reggie Bush took to social media, saying, "In all my life of football that might have been the craziest thing I have seen on a football field! They about to suspend Myles Garrett for 30 years! People getting stomped out, that was a hood fight! :man-facepalming::skin-tone-5: Hate to see that in our game that’s not what pro football is about!"

Fans Are Disgusted...

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Fans were also disgusted how the play unfolded and believe Garrett should be suspended by the league for the rest of the season.

"Myles Garrett Should never be allowed to play another down of football. PERIOD. No call for that. No excuses..." one person tweeted.

"Never seen any player ever act like that ever and I have played with/against some of the toughest SOB’s ever! That is the most trash BS I have ever seen. Myles Garrett hit another player ON TOP OF THE HEAD with a f’ing helmet!" another said.

Brown's QB Calls It 'Inexcusable'

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Brown's starting quarterback, Baker Mayfield, was interviewed after the game and he agreed the act was "inexcusable."

Several reactions also included partial blame on the Steelers QB who started the fight by grabbing Garrett by the helmet.

"I hate what Myles Garrett did because it was soooo dangerous. But I also hate how Mason Rudolph isn’t being called out for his punk ass move that started it," one person said.

As for how long he should be suspended, a few fans pointed out if the victim was a more famous QB it would be worse. "If Myles Garrett does that to Tom Brady, does the NFL have the ref announce his lifetime suspension right there or do they wait until after the game?" a fan tweeted.

As for possible criminal charges, it has never happened when a brawl starts during a professional sporting event. In the case of this fight, the victim (Rudolph) would have to file a police report. Based on his interview after the game, it seems unlikely.

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