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Hundreds of Birds Injured & Killed After Crashing Into NASCAR Hall of Fame Building

Hollie Cameron / WSOC-TV
By Gary Trock

A disturbing scene unfolded outside of the NASCAR Hall of Fame as hundreds of birds repeatedly slammed into the side of the building.

In cell phone video recorded by a woman named Hollie Cameron, hundreds of birds can be seen littered at the base of the NASCAR HOF in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A local animal response team, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, told local reporters that they responded to the incident around 11 PM and treated hundreds of birds.

On Wednesday morning, the orgnization gave an update on all the injured and surviving birds.


Luckily, "every single bird" was alive the following morning after the tragic incident.

Of the 310 birds, 97 were dead when they arrived on scene, and another 9 died after being treated for their injuries.

103 were injured requiring further treatments, which is mostly due to broken wings.

Officials believe the other 102 were just "stunned."


The birds have been identified as Chimney Swifts, which are rarely at rest -- they even eat and drink in flight.

The rescue group believes the roost where all the Swifts were congregated must have been disturbed at night, which caused all the birds to take off and get injured. They don't usually fly at night, so it was probably very disorientating for the birds.

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