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Naomi Campbell Joins Regular People On a Trip to the Grocery Store

By Ryan Naumann

Naomi Campbell is giving her fans a glimpse into her normal day-to-day routine, with the supermodel showing she’s just like us normies.

The iconic model released a new video on her vlog, "Whole Foods Shopping With Naomi Campbell" as part of her YouTube series, “Naomi.”

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She talks about finding out in January that she can no longer have gluten, wheat or dairy. Campbell says she is sad because all her comfort food just went down the drain.


The model says she loves to munch on junk food while watching trash television.

She said to herself “what the f--k am I going to eat?”


Campbell said that since quitting smoking she has craved candy but is trying to cut back on it.

The model picked up Japanese pears, lemons, grapes, peaches, oranges, basil, essential oils, spicy oils, raisins, nuts and a ton of other healthy options like yogurt.


She even had a moment trying to get the raisins into a small bag and admitted she, "finds this part tedious."

Campbell did not need to pick up any hot sauce because she already had some.


She then ran into fans who recognized the model and asked for a selfie. Campbell did successful avoid buying chocolate, admitting it gives her a tummy ache.

At the end she jokingly pondered her healthy life choices, “I don’t drink, I gave up smoking. Who am I? All I got left to do is dance.”

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