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Adjusting To Life In A Pandemic

As the world adjusts to living through the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is trying to continue on as best they can. Country singer Miranda Lambert opened up on Instagram with how she's coping. She explained that she struggled with how to express herself on social media at first.

"I haven’t really known what to say on social media during all this. I’m not great at socials anyway and a time like this makes it that much more difficult for me to figure out how to be. Tuesday of this week is when I finally realized that I could unpack. "

How She's Coping

Lambert opened up about how COVID-19 was affecting her life for the next few months.

"For the next few months for me there are no shows, no sound checks, no bus calls, no flights. Just home. Once I processed it, I actually got a feeling of peace, even though, like all of us, my anxiety about the state (sic) of the world right now is still through the roof. I’ve started working on some projects around the farm that I kept running from because I had to leave for work and some I’ve wanted to run from because organization is not my fav."

She opened up how she and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, were coping with all the extra time.

"Brendan and I have been cooking, cleaning, working out (some virtual classes but not enough @willowpilatesstudio 😬), spending time with dogs and horses and just being together quietly. Well besides the country music constantly coming through the speakers. "

She's Getting Work Done

While her tour may be on hold for the present, Lambert is still able to focus and get some work done despite the madness.

" I have written a few songs for the first time in a year. And text writing a cowgirl song with @ronniedunn (such a fan girl of B&D). Today I spent more of the day thanking Jesus that the sun was out. The baby chicks are about to move into their new coop and that’s about all the news we have here for the time being."

However, even if she's able to find the creative silver lining, Lambert explains that it's killing her to be apart from friends and family.

" We miss our road family, New York family and I dang sure miss my Texas fam. My soul sister @apes_1983 just had her first baby yesterday, baby Finn, and we only got to see him through a screen for now. I wish I was there in person. Soon enough good Lord willing."

Missing Her Family

Lambert also shared that she received a sweet care package from her parents, giving her a taste of home when she can't be with her family.

"But in happy news, this box arrived today and I felt my heart jump. Some wine from @red55winery, freshly canned salsa, apple butter, Paw Paw’s bbq sauce, and a note on napkin. “Sending love from home. Love mom and dad (be safe).” I do feel safe now knowing that even though they are over 600 miles away I’m connected to all of them. Sending light to all the first responders and health care workers. Stay home. Call home."

Great advice from Miranda: Stay home. Call your mom.

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