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Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Claps Back at Hater Who Slams His Recovery Journey

MTV / Instagram
By Whitney Vasquez

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino had the best response for someone who critiqued his road to recovery, insinuating the MTV personality has it easier than most people who are struggling. The "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" star shared a heartfelt message about his own struggles to after recently celebrating being four years sober. Mike Sorrentino, 37, posted a sweet snap with his wife of one year, Lauren Sorrentino, showing them bundled up and enjoying the snow with a Jeep in the background behind them.

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Say What?!


"Difficult Roads often Lead to Beautiful Destinations," The Sitch captioned the adventurous photo. Several fans offered up their support but one follower took this as an opportunity to give the "Jersey Shore" star a backhanded compliment. "Most people do not come out of treatment the way you have!!! I'm happy you have an amazing life. People don't live like you!! If you want to talk about treatment, maybe you should live humble," wrote the follower. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino didn't like that and had the best response for the rude fan.

His Comeback:


"Don't make a comment about someone's recovery when you don't know there [sic] story or what hole they had to dig out of to get where they are now," he warned. "This is true that I have beat the odds and I am living my best life. I am showing anyone watching that you can beat the odds and be successful. Stay in your own lane and run your own race." He continued by stating, "You can't be bitter and expect life to be sweet. There is enough out there for all of us. Stay positive." As The Blast reported, The Sitch and his wife have been donating their time at rehab facilities to help those who are struggling with alcohol and drug issues. The famous duo are acting as recovery mentors for those still going through their own journey.

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