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A Conspiracy Against Her

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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Meghan Markle faced more than her fair share of criticism during her time with the royal family, that level of endless hate is sure to take its toll on a person. In a new report from royal correspondent Katy Nicholl, a source claimed that Markle "felt like an outsider from the start." Nicholl told The Times:

"She was convinced there was a conspiracy against her and so she basically put herself in isolation when they moved to Frogmore [Cottage]. I think she felt like an outsider from the start. This wasn’t the life she was used to and she wanted out.”

Withdrawing As Much As Possible

Meghan Markle
@sussexroyal | Instagram

According to Nicholl, Markle struggled behind the scenes after the birth of Archie, feeling "lonely" and "unfulfilled." The source also explained that despite moving to Canada briefly after stepping down as senior royals, Vancouver Island "was never going to be their forever home. The big plan, for Meghan at least, was always L.A.."

However, the source explains that Harry is struggling to adapt in his new situation, feeling "lonely and directionless" without "an established life" in the States.

Los Angeles Was The Goal

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
@sussexroyal | Instagram

Nicholl had previously explained to the Australian press that leaving the UK behind in a major capacity was always in the cards for the ambitious couple.

"I was told from a very early stage in their courtship, they had told a friend of Harry’s that Meghan met quite early on that they wanted to be international roving royals and that was going to be their focus."

The couple made it clear that they "didn’t want to be stuck in one place" and had hopes to drive change "on a world stage."

International Royals

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
@sussexroyal | Instagram

Nicholl claimed that Harry and Meghan "had an agenda from the outset — to be international royals," but the transition may not have been a smooth as Harry had anticipated. An insider told Nicholl that the prince was "feeling a bit rudderless."

"This is a very strange time for us all, but I think Harry is missing having a structure in his life right now. He doesn’t have friends in L.A. like Meghan and he doesn’t have a job."

Who knew a prince could be so relatable? Still, Harry recognizes that this awkward transitional phase won't last forever.

"At the moment he’s a bit rudderless, but it won’t always be like this, and he knows that."

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