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Mark Hamill Started a Galactic War Over 'Star Wars' Slam to Ivanka Trump

By Gary Trock

Mark Hamill ignited a ton of controversy after lashing out at Ivanka Trump over her "Star Wars" post on Instagram.

Luke Skywalker made the comment after the daughter of President Donald Trump shared a photo of her son showing off in a Stormtrooper costume.

"The Force is strong in my family," Ivanka captioned the photo.

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It had received a lot of love on her own IG feed, but Hamill, who doesn't hide his disdain for the president, didn't appreciate the "Star Wars" reference.

"You misspelled 'Fraud," the star wrote on Twitter, along with the hashtag, "#GoForceYourself."


Hamill's comments lit up like wildfire, with many praising Hamill for the comment, while others felt it was a cheap shot targeting a kid in a costume.

"I think this may be my favorite tweet of all time.

Enemies: Bobba Fett, Bossk, Emperor Palpatine, General Hux, Grand Moff Tarkin, Jabba the Hut, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader... And the Trumps.

When Luke Skywalker is against you... you have to accept the fact that you totally suck," one person wrote.

Giphy | Star Wars

Another commented that, "You’re a real jerk, Mark. And it’s too bad that Luke Skywalker is just an A-hole in real life. No wonder everyone like Han Solo better."

Lots of "Star Wars" fans felt their hero had gone too far:

"Goddamn, Mr. Hamill. A kid in a Star Wars costume isn't political. People are allowed to like Star Wars.

Nice. Picking on a kid. High class."

One person said the comment caused them to cease being a fan, writing, "I grew up admiring Skywalker and the very substance of the character you embodied, brought to life. That admiration just died, cold Turkey. Disgusting & Disgraceful."

Hamill has not followed up, but given his history, there's no love lost for the haters.

Ivanka has not responded to the Jedi burn.

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