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Marcia Clark Says FOX Aired O.J. Special to Steal Viewers from 'American Idol'

By TheBlast Staff

Marcia Clark says the fanfare surrounding the O.J. Simpson confession special can all be attributed to network wars, and thinks FOX was just trying to stop ABC from a successful premiere of "American Idol."

The lead prosecutor on The People v O.J. Simpson was out in NYC when she was asked by comedian Adam Glyn about "O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession," that aired last Sunday.

Clark said she hadn't seen it, and doesn't plan on ever watching the special. Some might say she's a little bitter over interviewer Judith Regan getting a confession, albeit hypothetical, from Simpson.

The real bombshell is that Clark believes the entire unearthing of the previously shelved special was all over FOX trying to one-up their competitors. Idol left FOX after its 15th season and was shortly resurrected on ABC.

However, "Idol" emerged the victor, pulling in over 10 million viewers to O.J.'s 4.4 million.

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