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Lin-Manuel Miranda Fights The Weinstein Company Over Rights to First Musical

By TheBlast Staff

Lin-Manuel Miranda is worried that the rights to his first musical might be sold off as part of The Weinstein Company’s bankruptcy because he believes they no longer own them ... he does.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Miranda says TWC entered into a deal with him to purchase the option to produce one movie and one remake based on the well-known Broadway show, “In the Heights.”

On May 2, 2017, TWC exercised the option to produce the film. Miranda says the deal stated if TWC did not start principal production on the film within nine months of exercising the option, the motion picture rights would revert back to Miranda and his partners.

Miranda says by February 2, 2018, TWC had not begun production of the film, which he believes makes him the rightful owner of the rights to “In the Heights.”

In the court documents, Miranda says he reached out to TWC after the deadline passed but never heard back. Miranda takes issue with TWC having listed the agreement for the musical as part of the bankruptcy. Miranda says they have no rights to sell the film rights or agreements.

Miranda is demanding the court not allow TWC to sell off the rights and order that he is the rightful owner.

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