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Larry King Sues Over Fake Interview With 'Shark Tank' Contestant

By TheBlast Staff

Larry King did a fake interview with a former "Shark Tank" contestant as a favor but the guy turned around and used that interview to promote himself and now the talk show legend is suing to get him to stop.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Larry King says that several years ago, he agreed to conduct a "mock" interview with a guy named Nate Holzapfel. He claimed he did it as a favor to a family member.

King claims he agreed to do to the interview so Holzapfel could show it to a few television producers in hopes he would get hired for a show. He says the interview was never supposed to see the light of day.

But according to King, Holzapfel "began using footage from the Mock Interview, as well as still images of Larry King taken from the Mock Interview and elsewhere, and combining those images with words falsely attributed to Mr. King, to make it appear that Mr. King endorsed Holzapfel."

King claims Holzapfel's website made up a quote saying "Larry King...loves Nate because Nate makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in the room," which King says he has never said.

Holzapfel even used parts of the King interview in a video he uploaded to YouTube, which included clips of his appearance on "Shark Tank" and other places.

King is seeking an injunction to have Holzapfel stop using his name and likeness. He is also seeking damages related to any money Holzapfel might have made off King's name.

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