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Kylie Jenner Trolls Jordyn Woods Ahead of 'KUWTK' Finale Showing Their Fallout

By Whitney Vasquez

Kylie Jenner is subtly shading her ex-BFF, Jordyn Woods, days before part-one of the "KUWTK" finale airs showing their epic fallout following the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal.

The reality star shared two photos showing her sitting on her patio table on Thursday, sipping an afternoon wine with the caption, "another day another episode of me minding my own business."

Wearing a tight, white bodysuit, and snacking on a bowl of juicy strawberries, Kylie is clearly foreshadowing what's ahead for Sunday's highly-anticipated episode.

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Fans caught on to Kylie's casual stone throw, filling up her comments with clapping and crown emojis.

"Ooooo I wonder who the shade is directed at," one fan wrote. Several others are hoping Kylie and Jordyn's friendship can be salvaged.

"Kylie please forgive woods please just understand the power of men she actually didnt intend to but he must have thrown himself at her," another person wrote. "Tristan is wrong but all am asking forgive your bestie."

Giphy | KUWTK

Earlier this week, E! dropped an explosive teaser where Kylie revealed that Jordyn wasn't being truthful regarding the Tristan situation.

Kylie is on a three-way call with Khloé Kardashian, Kim and Kourtney and all the sisters are desperately trying to piece together the events of what went down between Kylie's BFF and the NBA star.

Khloé reveals she just got off the phone with Jordyn, who admitted "she was in between his legs,” but couldn't remember if they kissed.

Kylie interrupts by saying, “It’s very weird. This is the first time I’m hearing she was sitting on his lap.”


Khloé fires back “Exactly! I mean, I need the f—ing whole truth" and launches into details about their phone call.

“She’s not giving me all the information," she tells her family. "She was like, ‘He was trying to kiss me’ and was like, ‘I can’t remember if we did or didn’t.'"

Kim reveals to producers that Tristan was on a plane coming back from All-Star weekend, so Jordyn's version of events was the only side they heard.

“It just must be such a frustrating situation for Khloé to be in, not knowing what’s going on and just wanting answers," Kim said.


Another trailer dropped yesterday, focusing on Kylie's feelings after finding out Jordyn lied and actually kissed Tristan.

"I called her and she didn't really say anything. She was just crying the whole time. I was just like telling her 'I'm scared of you now,'" Kylie told Khloé. "I bet you're capable the next morning of waking up with a smile on your face."

"You can do whatever, but when it affects my family or me then that's when it's a problem," she continued.

Sunday's "KUWTK" episode will most likely be their highest watched yet as it captures the whole story of the Tristan/Khloé/Jordyn love triangle.

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