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Kim Kardashian Can't Fool Her Daughter in Princess Jasmine Makeup

By TheBlast Staff

Kids are totally the toughest critics!

Kim Kardashian got transformed into Jasmine from "Aladdin" (again) and it was freaking perfect. The KKW Beauty mogul's Disney Princess look was created by the absolute queen of makeup transformations, makeup artist and YouTube sensation Kandee Johnson.

Kardashian wanted to FaceTime her daughter North West and pretend she was actually Jasmine, once the look was complete. North, who is turning 5 next month, was not so easily fooled.

Kardashian tried her hardest to convince her eldest child she was the real Princess Jasmine and she was just borrowing her mom's phone.

"You're Kim," North said on the call.

(North calls her mom Kim? We'll have to come back to that at a later date.)

Despite Johnson giving Kim a spot-on makeup look, Kim couldn't disguise her voice, which was the dead giveaway for North.

Johnson has turned herself into copies of everyone from Gwen Stefani to Angelina Jolie to Barbie. She once also famously morphed into four KarJenner's in one video.

Kim has done the whole Jasmine thing several times over the years and, even though North wasn't fooled, this was the best one yet.

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