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Hairstylist for Kim Kardashian West Reveals Holiday Hair Trends and DIY at Home Tricks

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil
By Enoch K

The holiday season means being around family and friends more for dinners and events. Your hair has to look the best at these events. celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan has holiday hair trends to follow and try to recreate at home. Hollywood Life says, “Justine revealed the trends we can expect to see everywhere this season, “Warm tones, the chunky ’90s highlights that are stripey, and the ’60s retro ponytail with flipped up ends.” Trends are basically a recycle of the past. The 90s made a comeback this year, so we are going back further in the past for more inspiration. There are a lot of iconic looks from the past, so we welcome everything! Here are some of the hair trends to try.

Try Voluptuous Party Waves

Pascal Le Segretain | Getty

This hair trend is sometimes called old Hollywood curls. Justine recommends to get smooth brushed waves, “Hold the iron horizontally and only bend where you want to see the hair curve. Then, brush through with a smoothing brush that’s been sprayed with hairspray”.

Some tips to recreating this at home is to never hold the straightener in one place on the hair for too long because then it can become creased. Also, never hold the straightener to close to your curls. Also, she recommends using a toothbrush with flat bristles and use any type of gel to get the baby hairs down. Sounds simple to us, but dealing with hair is never predictable.

Warm Tones in the Winter


Warm tones on the hair are definitely something difficult to try if you are a cool-toned person. The stark contrast could be something alluring or something you try and fail. Either way, it is a trend to try if you are looking for something new to try with your hair. Trying something like honey blonde against dark roots gives the hair a summery feel in the Winter. It is expected that the holiday season means cold weather, so people want their hair color to reflect this.

However, Justine recommends more important than the color is how the hair is styled. She said, “use waves however you’d like, but suggests parting your hair to the side and spraying a smoothing brush with hairspray to comb through to remove frizz” is important. Not only is the hair color pop out, but the style elevates it even more. Try something new! Go warm in the cold weather. It might be the thing to change your mood and you can be trendy too.

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