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Kevin Spacey Posts A Creepy Christmas Video As Frank Underwood

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By Clark Sparky

Kevin Spacey is a name we don't hear nearly as often anymore since he was accused of sexual assault a couple years ago and subsequently fired from "House of Cards." But on Christmas Eve, he made a rare social media appearance as he shared of video of himself in character as Frank Underwood and posted it to his accounts.

The video is titled "KTWK", and acronym for "kill them with kindness."

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"You didn't really think I was going to miss the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, did you?" he starts by saying into the camera while sitting in front of the fireplace.

He goes on to say that as we head into 2020, he is going to "cast my vote for more kindness in the world." Spacey says that they next time someone does something you don't like, you can "kill them with kindness" instead of going on the attack.

The video did not go over well with social media users. "Kevin... if you truly want to see more good in this world, you need to start by taking responsibility for your actions," one wrote.

"Instead of killing you with kindness I'm just going to continue calling you a nonce who should just stfu already. Hope that's fine, merry christmas, you nonce," another said.

"I think the real question is, who are you burning in that fireplace?!" a third person asked.

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Spacey's own brother, Randy Fowler, had harsh words for the actor earlier this year while speaking to Radar Online.

“It’s not just about the sexual gratification, it’s about the power. He’s actually worse than Weinstein; he’s worse than Bill Cosby!” he said.

“He actually believes that because he’s an actor society should give him a pass because you loved him as these diabolical characters in the movies, so you should love him as a real sex pervert. He’s the worst of the worst,” he added.

“The first allegation against him came out in 2004 and he managed to shovel it under the carpet. But I knew it was just a matter of time. He has destroyed a lot of souls,” Fowler went on to say of the previous allegations against the American Beauty star.

“This young man has only lived in silence for a year but the torturous emotions that this kid had to go through at the expense of my brother – this is just the beginning. My brother has been living this secret life for 40 years," Fowler concluded.

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