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Kelly Dodd with green earrings

'RHOC' Star Kelly Dodd Triggers Concern With 'Not a Pandemic' Clapback

By Whitney Vasquez

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Kelly Dodd is digging herself into a hole after denying there's still a pandemic going on. Taking to her social media just hours after getting slammed for being on the water as Donald Trump supporters paraded on the seas all over the county, the Bravo personality doubled down on her strong stance. The engaged reality star has been heavily criticized for not taking Coronavirus seriously and now she says there's "not a pandemic anymore!"

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Doesn't Believe In Wearing Masks At Restaurants:

Kelly wearing a mask per Bravo's request

After copping heat for her boat video over the weekend, Kelly Dodd added fuel to the fire by posting a message about wearing a mask for protection. According to the "RHOC" star, "Putting on a mask to walk ten feet through a restaurant and then taking it off when I get to my table is one of the dumbest things I've done in my entire life and I've done a lot of dumb things."

Kelly Dodd did not include a caption for the post but her message was read loud and clear.

Catching Heat Over Post:

Reunion look

She immediately copped backlash with one person telling her to "use your brain!" Within minutes, several trolls popped up in her comment section. "We know you do dumb things. This statement is on top," a follower wrote. "Spreading a virus to someone because you won't wear a mask in a restaurant would be the dumbest thing you've ever done," added another.

When someone else commented, "Always been a fan of you but this is NOT the post to make in the middle of a pandemic... you have a platform Kelly.. use your brain," Kelly Dodd quickly spoke up.

Scroll to read Kelly's clapback!

Kelly's 'Not a Pandemic' Claps Back!

Kelly hitting the town

"It's not a pandemic anymore!!" the "RHOC" star responded. "Did you read the CDC numbers!! My platform isn't to be a sheep my platform is to be a [sic] independent thinker!" It wasn't long before fans quickly began attacking Kelly Dodd for her Republican views and brought Donald Trump up in her comments.

"Not as dumb as voting for a hateful president who wants to kill people. That has to be the dumbest," stated someone. Kelly Dodd has been collecting hate lately over for her right-winged beliefs.

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