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'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett Says City of Chicago's $130,000 Bill Is Their Problem

By Ryan Naumann

Jussie Smollett is back in court demanding the City of Chicago’s lawsuit be thrown out, saying the $130,000 they spent on investigating isn't his problem.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Smollett is attempting to have the case dismissed immediately.

Smollett introduces a new argument for why he believes the case is nonsense. In the docs, the actor says all he did was file a police report.

The city is seeking the $130,000 to recoup the costs of investigating the alleged attack against him.

Smollett says “the filing of a police report, in and of itself, does not necessitate a sprawling investigation nor does it, as a practical matter, usually result in an investigation as extensive as the one the CPD chose to undertake in this case; rather, the filing of a police report enables the police and prosecutors to decide whther and how to investigate.”

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The actor also trashes the former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He claims the lawsuit was only brought because Emanuel disagreed with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s “decision to dismiss the false police report charges against Mr. Smollett.”

He is demanding the entire case be dismissed completely.

Gettyimages | Nuccio DiNuzzo

Back in April, The City of Chicago sued Smollett seeking to recoup the costs of the investigation into his alleged attack.

In the complaint, the city did not mince words in saying Smollett staged the incident.

They wrote, “On January 29, 2019, Defendant submitted a false police report claiming that he was the victim of a racist and homophobic beating by unknown attackers," the lawsuit states. "In reality, Defendant knew his attackers and orchestrated the purported attack himself. Later, when police confronted him with evidence about his attackers, he still refused to disclose his involvement in planning the attack."

Last month, the actor moved to dismiss the case against him. He denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

In his motion, the actor said his story has never changed and he maintained his innocence, pointing to his criminal charges being dropped.

Smollett says this lawsuit, “appears to be an unprecedented effort to seek penalties and resources expended in connection with allegedly false statements made to the police where the related criminal case concerning the statements was dismissed nolle pros on all counts.”

He also called into question the amount they are seeking, “Both claims fail to state sufficient factual allegations to support a reasonable inference that Defendant’s allegedly false statements caused the CPD 1,836 overtime hours and the City paying $130,106.15 in overtime pay.”

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