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This 'Joker' Pumpkin Weighs Over 100 Lbs!

Twitter / @ParasPumpkins
By Gary Trock

Arthur Fleck may need to take a few more walks up and down those stairs before he's able to fit into his purple suit for Halloween.

Just in time for Halloween, celebrity pumpkin artist Jeanette Paras has created another masterpiece at her home in Dublin, OH.

Paras, known for creating the giant Kanye pumpkin, has outdone herself this year with a gourd in honor of the movie, "Joker."

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Sporting a makeover worthy of Joaquin Phoneix's twisted character, the 108 lb pumpkin features Fleck's trademark clown makeup and look, including his green hair and bloodshot eyes.

Along with the Joker, Paras also unveiled an even bigger pumpkin for someone who has maybe taken more heat from the public than Arthur Fleck.

The Rudy Giuliani pumpkin, nicknamed RudyKin, comes in at a staggering 277 lbs and showcases the former Mayor of NYC with a double chin and look of horror.


"It’s up to the pumpkin public to figure out who’s joking…or who the joke is on," Paras wrote upon debuting the gourds.

Fans of Paras praised the pumpkin artist for her creations with comments like, "The Giuliani pumpkin neck is SPOT ON! Well done."

Another dubbed her "the pumpkin master."

Jeanette's Other Celebrity Pumpkins

The Joker and Giuliani are impressive, but they aren't even the biggest pumpkin's she's created.

Back in 2008 Paras unveiled a 718 lb pumpkin in honor of Albert Einstein.

Of course, it was nicknamed Professor Pumpkinstein.

As did PumpKim Jong Un and his little Minion.

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