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Joey Chestnut Reveals The GREATEST Reason For Shattering His Hot Dog Eating Record!!

By Mike Walters

Joey Chestnut just shattered his own record pounding 75 hotdogs during this years 'Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest' -- and his reason for victory is the best thing you have ever heard!!

The eating champion was just crowned champion of the world for the 13th time after he guzzled down 75 hot dogs and crushed his own personal record.

The 6-foot-1 and 230-pound professional eater was plowing hot dogs at a pace of nearly 10 dogs a minute at one point in the completion. But, its what he said after winning that is making headlines...

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So How Did He Do It?!


At one point, with about two minutes left in the match, the organizers announced he had just scarfed down his 1,000 hot dogs in his illustrious career.

After being presented his 'Mustard Belt' for winning the competition, the big man was interviewed about his impressive victory and believed one specific thing helped him shatter the record.

“The dogs were cooked really well today...that helped a lot," Joey uttered to cameras.

Wait WHAT?! So, it was how the dogs were COOKED that gave him an edge this year in the eating competition?!

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The BEST Answer Ever!


“The dogs were cooked really well today. I think they cooked them ten minutes ago. That helped a lot," he clarified.

The explanation sent Twitter into a firestorm of debate -- trying to decide whether the actual cooking style of the dogs actually helps them go down easier. "They looked boiled to me," one fan pointed out.

"Good lord almighty, Joey Chestnut has obtained a new world record of 75 hot dogs. Joey says they were cooked really well. Actually reports that he hit a wall at one point and just pushed forward," another person tweeted.

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Was A Bit Different This Year!


The contest was a bit different this year, considering we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. It was held inside of Nathan's storage room, instead of on the beach, with no crowd in attendance.

The judges wore masks and practiced social distancing while the contestants were handed hot dogs by an assistant who was wearing latex gloves.

Plus, Miki Sudo also shattered her hot dog eating record, pounding 48 1/2 hot dogs, breaking her previous Coney Island even record of 41.

“To everybody watching at home, I wish you could be here,” she told cameras after the victory.

So, bottom line, it's the way they are COOKED which makes a huge difference?! Who knew!

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