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A New Biopic

The new Mr. Roger's biopic A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood hits theaters on Friday, just in time for the holidays. Tom Hanks portrays the iconic television star Fred Rogers and is already getting Oscar buzz for his heartfelt portrayal of the beloved figure.

The film is earning rave reviews already, so it's safe to say that it should make its way to your Must See lists this winter.

However, one person in particular has given her approval to the film: Rogers' widow, Joanne.

His Widow Loved It

Gettyimages | Paul Bruinooge

Joanne told Page Six after an American Express-sponsored screening: " think he would have really loved it, don’t you?"

She told the Chicago Tribune:

I am very happy with the movie, I'm very happy. They were concerned when they started to make it because the documentary was out. Maybe it was too much of the same thing. They realized it's a nice package."

She also praised Tom Hanks' portrayal of her husband, who passed away in 2003.

"He is so brilliant, he just disappears into the part. I think what he would feel is gratitude. He really did like Tom Hanks. I think he would like it. Tom is such a grand person."

They Got Mr. Rogers Right

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The film focuses on Rogers' relationship with a journalist (Matthew Rhys), and Joanne explained that it nailed one of her husband's favorite messages: "feelings that are mentionable are manageable."

She also praised the director, Marielle Heller:

"It's an obvious story, it's been told many times about reconciliation. The wonderful director is so talented. She never let things get ordinary, and she never lets them get sugary."

Joanne also approved of Tony winner Maryann Plunkett, who plays her in the film:

"'m just happy with her as a person. She's so nice. I had a chance to get to know her when she was shooting here in Pittsburgh."

However, she didn't enjoy every aspect of the filmmaking process:

"I’ve never done a red carpet before. I’m not sure I want to do another one. It ruined my eyes. The flashing lights were just brutal."

The Essence Of Fred Rogers

Gettyimages | Fotos International

From the sound of things, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood really captures the essence of Mr. Rogers and what made him so beloved. Star Matthew Rhys explained that Rogers has had an impact on him since filming.

"I soon understood that what Fred was doing was incredibly and meticulously thought out. The timing of his speech was very deliberate so the children could not only follow him and feel like they were being listened to but have the time to process it. And when we started our son on the show, the first thing he said was, 'He’s talking to me.' So, through his eyes, I already began to see what Fred could do. As a result, I certainly changed a number of things about what I was doing.

On every call sheet on every day of shooting, they would put one of Fred’s sayings. What I soon realized is what a philosopher he was. Very early on, I was so taken with the way he approaches life. Listen, don’t get me wrong, I mess up most days. But what I do have now is something in the back of my head that remembers what it was Fred was doing. And however long that lasts I don’t know. But, at this time, it’s certainly helping my son."

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