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Jessica Simpson Calls Nick Lachey 'Bitter' After He Makes Fun Of Her Dad's Sexuality

By Whitney Vasquez

Jessica Simpson is blowing up her ex-husband Nick Lachey's spot after he poked fun at her father Joe Simpson's sexuality weeks ago. The "Open Book" author addressed the situation in a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of SiriusXM’s "Town Hall," hosted by Andy Cohen, which will air on Friday, and called her ex "bitter," adding she was "very pissed" he brought her dad up in a recent interview. “I’d heard about it [the joke]," she told Andy Cohen. “That was low and that’s not for him to talk about by any means because he’s not connected with us at all anymore.”

What He Said About Her Dad:


Saying when she heard about his comments, she was “very pissed” over his remarks. “He was just bitter and he was just trying to take a dig,” the 39-year-old added. Back on January 28, Nick Lachey appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" where he played Andy Cohen's famous segment "Plead The Fifth," where the former 98 Degrees singer bought up his former father-in-law. “The best thing about not having Joe Simpson anymore as a father-in-law is I don’t have to play grab-ass under the table on Easter Sunday,” Nick Lachey joked during his appearance. “It may not be [funny] tomorrow, but it is tonight," he added.

She Won't Talk About Her Dad's Sexuality:


In Jessica Simpson's revealing memoir, "Open Book," the fashion mogul detailed the moment her father decided to bring a male date to her wedding with Eric Johnson in 2014. “My father called me three days before we left for the wedding to tell me he was bringing his friend Jonathan, a young model he often shot for his new photography business," the former singer wrote. Stating "he wasn't on the list," she continued, "There was a pause," but she had to remind herself "that I needed to accept my father for who he was as he worked it out in real-time.”

About Her Parent's Divorce:


While Joe Simpson denied he was dating the man in question at the time, Jessica Simpson recently spoke out about not labeling her father's sexuality in the press. "That’s not something we talk about. That’s not my story to tell,” she told the Los Angeles Times. The "Dukes of Hazzard" actress detailed her parent's split in her book. Joe Simpson and Tina Simpson split in 2012 after over 30 years of marriage, something that Jessica Simpson said she was shocked over. “They had been married for thirty four years, and I had a hard time being around them together since they’d stop loving each other,” she wrote. “I was blindsided by this news, which triggered his natural salesmanship. He pitched it to me as a positive thing, ‘You gave me the confidence … You gave me the way out.’ Great, I thought to myself, ‘I broke my own heart.’”

Sexual Abuse, Alcohol, Pills:


Her parent's divorce isn't the only touchy subject Jessica Simpson touched on in her memoir. Revealing she couldn't stand to look at her body after welcoming her second child, son Ace, the mom of three revealed she underwent two tummy tucks, one of which almost cost the singer her life. Jessica Simpson also dropped a bombshell in her book by revealing she was sexually abused as a child and she used alcohol and pills to numb the pain. "I was killing myself with all the drinking and pills," she wrote in the memoir.

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