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Jenelle Evans Calls Police 'Crooked AF' And Says They're Lying About Her

By Emily Reily

Former "Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans is on the attack, saying police are "crooked AF" and adds that they're saying lies about her.

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1. Police: Evans Made Up the Dog Story

Flickr | DailyDoseOfNews

The Columbus County Sheriff's Office now says David Eason, Jenelle's husband, won't be charged with animal cruelty in the death of their dog, Nugget, because there was no physical evidence to support that claim.

In addition, the Sheriff's Office says that Evans made up the whole story for publicity. This would mean that Evans would have filed a false police report.

2. Original Reporting Stated Nugget Bit Ensley


It was originally reported that Eason shot and killed Nugget, the family dog, after it bit their two-year-old daughter, Ensley. Police opened an investigation into the incident on May 1.

The Sheriff's Office says on May 13, they searched the family home, but found "no blood evidence or any other physical evidence to validate that an animal had been fatally injured on the property."

Apparently, the next day, Evans changed her tune, telling police she didn't know where the dog was and never heard a gunshot.

3. Where Is Nugget?


In a press release to WECT, police said:

“The evidence collected indicates that the allegations of animal cruelty were fabricated. Therefore, Columbus County Sheriff’s Office is closing this investigation. No charges will be filed in this case.”

Evans then fired off some tweets, saying police are "crooked [as f---]." She later deleted her tweets in which she ranted against the police.

So what happened to Nugget? It's unclear at this time.

4. What About That Police Report?


Jon Evans, a reporter for WECT, included the report in a tweet.

One reader replied to the tweet, asking, "I'm assuming in North Carolina the punishment for filing a false police report is less than that for animal cruelty?"

"We asked if she could be in trouble for filing a false report. The response: 'Jenelle will not be charged at this time,'" Jon Evans said.

5. Taking Aim At Reporter


Jenelle Evans then replied to Jon Evans, alluding to the fact that WECT didn't talk to her to get her side of the story, saying "thanks for asking me my input on the situation."

She also offered an explanation as to why she wouldn't face charges of filing a false police report, saying "They are lying .. that's why," and also included a dig on the press:

"But you wouldn't know anything cuz you just want to report craziness constantly."

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