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Jake Paul Slapped With Lawsuit, Accused Of Stealing From Music Producers

By Ryan Naumann

Jake Paul is accused of ripping of a group of music producers by stealing their work and passing it off as his own.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, music producers Erik Belz, Jonathan Pakfar and Shane Eli Abrahams are suing Jake and his company Team 10 Inc.

The music producers accuse Paul of ripping off their work on his 2017 Christmas-inspired song “Litmas.”

The producers say they created a song titled “Bad Santa” released in 2015. They accuse Jake of using their track on “Litmas” without permission or paying a dime.

The suit states,” Plaintiffs’ master recording and composition is the backing track for the entire song Litmas. Defendants have not acknowledged Plaintiffs’ contribution nor obtained permission to use their copyrighted master recording and composition, nor provided them with compensation. While Defendants and others have received many accolades and substantial profits from Litmas, Plaintiffs have received nothing – no acknowledgement, no credit, no remuneration of any kind.”

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The producers say Jake didn’t credit them but instead others were listed. The trio argues, “The proper licensing of the Work would not have only generated substantial revenues, but it would have generated recognition for Plaintiffs as contributors to a widely distributed song. Instead, Plaintiffs had to sit by and watch Defendants receive acclaim and compensation without any of the proper recognition being received, as it should have been, by Plaintiffs.”

The suit argues, “The sameness of the performance and striking similarity between Litmas and the protectable elements of the Work are obvious, such that an ordinary lay listener would instantly recognize the similarity between the works.”


lay listener would instantly recognize the similarity between the works.” The music producers are seeking all profits Jake made off his track plus unspecified damages against the YouTube star.

The lawsuit added, “Plaintiffs bring this action to vindicate their rights for the deliberate taking of their work, to recover damages, and to ask that Defendants be required to disgorge their ill-gotten profits attributable to their infringement and cease and desist their continued, unauthorized use of Plaintiffs’ work, provide credit and compensation rights and interests in the infringing work. “

Jake Paul recently saw a separate legal battle over a prank dismissed.

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