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Adapting To A New Normal

As people attempt to flatten the curve and hinder the dangerous spread of COVID-19 by social distancing, many couples are finding themselves spending tons of time together while they are self-quarantining together. Without having any space or time of your own, tensions can definitely start to rise to the surface.

In the latest episode of Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook Live show Red Table Talk, podcast host and motivational speaker Jay Shetty stopped by the table to tackle some of the issues that couples who are staying home for the foreseeable future might be facing.

The Importance Of Space

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A fan asked a question on Twitter that probably resonates with many: "I love my wife, but I need some alone time during this quarantine. How can I tell her that?"

Shetty tackled the question first, emphasizing the importance of taking some time for yourself even when you're in quarantine.

"If you're just seeking more space in your relationship I think one of the bigger mistakes we often make is that we express what we want but we don't explain why we want it."

I Am Legend

Host Jada Pinkett Smith agreed, but made sure to emphasize the importance of thorough communication when asking for "space." Vagueness is not your friend.

"I think that's true because if you say to somebody, 'I need space,' sometimes that's a trigger for one step towards divorce. And it doesn't necessarily mean that. It just means, 'Hey, I need two hours, please.'"

This is the second in a two-part series about COVID-19 and the impact that it's having around the world. In the last episode, Will Smith jokingly apologized for spreading "misinformation" about dealing with pandemics in his movie I Am Legend.

Being Responsible

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Ultimately, the Smiths are navigating this turbulent time just like everyone else (even if their quarantine location is probably a bit bigger than the average person's). Jada explained their approach:

"Just like other families around the world, we are trying to navigate all the information out there about COVID-19."

She also highlighted how seriously they're taking it through the absence of their son, Jaden, from this family gathering.

"You'll notice Jaden is not joining us today because he's being a responsible human and social distancing. He's been doing a lot of traveling and his main concern has been about Gammy [Adrienne], so he has decided to stay indoors and he's actually following orders."

If Jaden Smith can stay home, you can too.

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