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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Still Going Strong

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Blake Shelton says he loves to hear that people think he's already married to his sweetheart, Gwen Stefani.

"I love the rumors. Those rumors are great. Anybody that thinks I am married to Gwen already, I love it. My God, who wouldn't want to be married to Gwen Stefani?" he says, according to ET.

Though it seems like it's going to be awhile before the two get hitched, Shelton credits God with bringing them together.

Fairytale Relationship

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"Both of us know that the timing, and the way she and I met and came together, it just felt like home, that's not an accident," Shelton says.

The singer adds that figuring out whether Stefani was the one for him "didn't take long."

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But Shelton says now, he feels more connected with God than ever before.

"I believe in God now more than I ever have in my life. The biggest part of that is just how [Stefani] came into my life and now our relationship. It’s just too weird. If you take God out of it, it doesn’t make sense. If you put God into it, everything that’s happened with us makes sense."

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Stefani and Shelton first famously met on the set of "The Voice." Before they hooked up, however, they were both coming out of failed relationships -- both were in the process of getting a divorce, from Miranda Lambert and Gavin Rossdale, respectively.

"By the second time she came around, both of our lives had basically fallen completely apart. And little did we know it happened to both of us at the same time and we bonded over that. So somewhere in that time of darkness it ended up being the greatest moment of my life. It's amazing, it truly is."

"I think that the way that she and I were able to save each other's lives and get ourselves through that time it was evidence to us that God had a hand in it," he continued.

Partners At Home and At Work

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Their connection, whether facilitated by God or something else, is evident on their new song he and Stefani collaborated on: "Nobody But You."

Shelton talked to Entertainment Tonight about the emotional connection both had while performing it.

"Gwen was crying when we even just talked about singing it together at all. I actually got the song through Gwen because she had been working with Shane McAnally. He told her that he had a song he needed to get to me and sent it to her first and she sent it on to me. I listened to it and I knew, 'Oh my god, I gotta cut this song. This song's incredible.' "

It's All Coming Together For Them

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Shelton recently told The Tennessean that Stefani herself also helped him find God again.

Shelton says "Nobody But You" was the perfect way to tell others about their love for each other.

"It just seemed to fit perfectly with our story, and musically I think it walks the line of what I can do and what she can do. Everything just kind of aligned and came together and it's one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments."

The timing couldn't be better, since his new song "God's Country," won Single of the Year at the Country Music Awards in November.

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