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'Good Place' Star Jameela Jamil Doubles Down On Abortion Stance: 'My Life Is More Important'

By Whitney Vasquez

Jameela Jamil isn't ashamed to admit her stance that her life "is more important than an unborn fetus' one." The "Good Place" star doubled down on her abortion views in a seething social media post stating she stands with Gloria Steinem that "there is no democracy without a woman's right to choose." After facing harsh criticism following an interview with Harper’s Bazaar where she fiercely agreed with the feminist icon's stance, the 33-year-old actress took to Instagram to unload on haters.

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Doubling Down:


Reposting a tweet from earlier this week where she stated, "I SAID WHAT I F----- SAID," Jameela Jamil reiterated her stance. "Suck. On. That," she began her post while adding that she was using Instagram as the platform for her message because Twitter limits their users to 150 characters. "Twitter has limited characters so let me state here, men can have babies too. Trans people must be included in this conversation. This is a uterus issue," the actress wrote. "Because it predominantly affects cis women, in numbers, it is often seen as a cis women only issue. I want to be clear I understand that is not the case." Jameela added that she's fighting for everyone this affects. "Whoever you are, whatever gender if you have a uterus, I am fighting for and with you on this matter," she ended her message.

Slamming Haters:

Giphy | The Good Place

Earlier this week, the "Good Place" star first spoke out about the interview backlash. "To the people trolling me and @GloriaSteinem because we said this is no democracy without a woman's right to choose...I SAID WHAT I F----- SAID and you're clueless if you think I'm going to take it back," she tweeted. "My life is more important to me than an unborn fetus' one. Suck on that." Jameela had done a duel interview with Gloria Steinem for Harper’s Bazaar where the duo talked about feminism and a woman's right to choose. Jameela Jamil has a strong stance on the topic considering she's had an abortion herself.

Telling Her Story:


Revealing her own abortion experience earlier this year when speaking out about the anti-abortion Georgia law, the British actress said it was "the best decision I have ever made." Taking to social media to tell her story, she explained it happened years ago when she was too young to take care of a child. "Both for me, and for the baby I didn’t want, and wasn’t ready for, emotionally, psychologically and financially." While she also stated, " So many children will end up in foster homes. So many lives ruined. So very cruel," Jameela Jamil added, "This isn’t any diss at ALL to foster homes." She continued by writing, "I’m in awe of people who take in children in need of a family and a home: but if Georgia becomes inundated with children who are unwanted or unable to be cared for, it will be hard to find great fostering for them all."

She was one of the several female stars who spoke out against several anti-abortion laws being passed this year. Jameela joined Lady Gaga, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Alyssa Milano, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman, Janelle Monae, and more who didn't hold back on their opinions on the controversial subject. Like Jameela, celebrities like Milla Jovovich and Busy Philipps took this time to reveal intimate details about their own abortion experiences.

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