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'Gold Rush: White Water' Dakota Boys Face Their Most Dangerous Mine Site Ever

By Gary Trock

"Gold Rush: White Water" is returning for its third season, but this time "Dakota" Fred and his son, Dustin Hurt are deciding to split up and try their luck at separate mining sites. In a sneak peek of the first episode, Dustin is already facing a major problem when he realizes a gold-rich river may be too powerful to safely land a dredge. The veteran miner is shown descending down the side of a mountain with crewmember Carlos, but is met by roaring rapids that send fear into the hearts of the gold miners.


"That is too strong! That looks angry as hell!" Dustin screams to Carlos while they evaluate the situation. The water is so powerful that the stars decide there's no safe way to land a dredge without putting everyone's safety at risk. Dustin is forced to radio to his father and try and get the dredge, which is heading their way via helicopter, to turn around. Luckily they're able to get ahold of the chopper and re-route the dredge to avoid a costly mistake.

Dustin feels defeated after not being able to mine in an area he is sure will produce a ton of gold, but realizes that safety is more important ... which is reinforced when a piece of driftwood almost takes the reality stars out.

"I'm not going to e able to dig in the place we know has the best gold we've ever found. There's a constant risk of things fallen on top of us, not going to let my guys go in there and die. The gold is great but not worth your life."

About the Show

Giphy | Discovery

"Gold Rush: White Water" is a spinoff of Discovery's other popular mining show, "Gold Rush." Both Fred and Dustin were featured in Seasons 2 - 4 of "Gold Rush," and famously competed against former star Todd Hoffman. One of the best moments from their time on the show is when they made a move to purchase Hoffman's mining contract after he missed a lease payment.

After their time on "Gold Rush," the Fred and Dustin dedicated themselves to become placer gold miners, which focuses their attention on gold deposits left behind on the bottom of stream beds.

The father/son duo returned to McKinley Creek in Haines Borough, Alaska, and have been looking for their fortune by suction dredge diving within its dangerous waters.

Fans Are Excited for the Competition


With only a couple more days to go until the premiere of Season 3, fans are gearing up to see if the Dakota Boys can strike it rich in the dangerous Alaskan waters.

"Can't wait, only one more week until Gold Rush White Water," one fan wrote on Twitter.

It also seems viewers can't wait to see who comes out on top with Fred vs Dustin and are already weighing in on who they think will amass the bigger pile of gold.

"I respect Fred's experience and loyalty to Dustin's dream...but I'll be rooting for Fred with the logical approach not the gold fever "ooooh I found £100 nugget and only spend £10k". The last 2 years were awful to watch such talent lost on a gamble instead of a sure thing," one fan commented.

Another wrote, "Always been a big fan of Fred and Dustin write from porcupine creek it's good they have their own claims we will see who gets the most gold at the end of the season."

Still, there are plenty of pessimists out there, and not all believe splitting up is the best idea. One fan made quipped, "In other words, they're gonna lose twice as much money."

We'll have to wait and see!

Season 3 of "Gold Rush: White Water premieres Friday, November 8 at 10 PM on Discovery.

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