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Cleaning Up At The Emmys

Giphy | Game of Thrones

The final season of Game of Thrones may have been divisive among fans, but that doesn't mean it's going out without a bang. The HBO epic garnered 32 Emmy nomination for its final season, proving that Westeros really does rule.

Gwendoline Christie Got Her First Nomination

Three of the actors who earned nominations -- Gwendoline Christie, Alfie Allen, and Carice van Houten -- weren't submitted by HBO, so they chose to submit themselves. All snagged nominations, much to the joy of their fans. Christie in particular has been vocal about her surprise and happiness.

Fans Loved It

Fans on Twitter were quick to congratulate Christie on her nomination, basically making HBO look like fools for overlooking her. Even if people didn't love that final season, their love for Brienne/Christie still burns bright.

Be Your Own Champion

Others pointed out that importance of what Christie did: she believed in herself even when she was overlooked and did the damn thing herself. One Twitter user reminded people to "be their own biggest cheerleader," and that is some of the best advice you could get.

Congrats, Gwendoline! You are the knight of our hearts.

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