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Emma Thompson Says People Will Start Eating Their Pets For 'Protein'

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By Emily Reily

Actress Speaking Out About Climate Change

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British actress Emma Thompson, who often speaks out about climate change, appeared outside the BBC Broadcasting House in London for a protest by the Extinction Rebellion, and made some interesting statements.

A World Of Extremes


At the event, Thompson warned of "extreme weather" on the horizon, telling the crowd there would be an "increased chance of warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers, along with an increase of frequency and intensity of extremes."


Thompson went on to detail specific events that will escalate as climate change continues to affect Earth.

"Expect crop failures, water contamination, damaged houses and ruined lives, and we will see these persistent weather fronts continue to wreak havoc across the nation, albeit with one or two days of dry and settled weather."

She's probably not too far off base with that.

Think About It


But she issued another warning to listeners, and reminded people to do a few things.

"Better wrap up warm, stockpile food and remember there is a surprising amount of protein in the average household pet."


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Is it likely that people will turn to eating their pets to survive? Given that not enough is being done to combat climate change, anything's possible, but the claim still seems far-fetched.

But maybe people need these scare tactics to get into gear and work harder to save the planet and humanity. Just don't eat your pets, though.

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