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'DWTS' Conspiracy Theorists Think Sean Spicer's Outfit Is A Plant By A Democratic Show Producer

Gettyimages | John Lamparski
By Mike Walters

Sean Spicer made his grand entrance onto the 'Dancing With The Stars' stage, and almost immediately the internet exploded with conspiracy that producer's dressed him like a lime otter pop just to get back at him for his political work.

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Spicer made his was to the stage as one of the last groups to dance, and you could hear anything over how loud his shirt was.

Fans were quick to point out it was a well thought out plant.

"Clearly the Costume designer on #dwts is a Democrat. #nicelydone #SeanSpicer", one fan tweeted.

Then it got a bit nastier, "Dressed him like the clown that he is." one person went down the line pretty far.

A few people thing is a left winger planted with the costume designers,"If sean spicer gotta be on #dwts at least the costume designers are fighting back," one person tweeted.


Finally, someone finally dropped the T-word, "All republicans loyal to T-rump,watch Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars. This is a cautionary tale ,and a peek in to your futures. I can see it now, Pompeo, Pence, McConnell, Barr, Graham. Not a pretty sight, not pretty at all !

To be honest, the man can actually move a bit, so he will just need to make sure he gets a republican checking his next outfit for next week's show.

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