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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This Giant Whitehead Get 'Punched' And Squirt Everywhere!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper just shared one of the gnarliest whiteheads we have seen in a very long time...and what comes out of this thing after she attacks it is CRAZY!! You have to see this!

"Punch and a sac reveal! 👊🏻💥" Dr. Sandera Lee captioned the new video on Instagram.

In the clip, you see that she has decided to break out the 'Punch' tool to slice into this monster -- and the second she breaks the skin this thing comes out firing!!

Check This OUT!!

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Watch This Thing Explode!!

As you can see, even before the good doctor squeeze the white gunk starts oozing out of its hole with ease...

But, when she gets her hands around it -- all hell breaks loose!!

"Oh man. That was nasty but awesome at the same time haha," one fan wrote. "I hate how much i LOVE these," another added.

One popaholic simply wrote, "oooooh!! Isn’t she a beaut!!!!!😍"

This video is incredible, and you will never believe the amount that comes pouring out! The best reaction, "Was I the only one enjoying this like......'Yes squeeze it out' yeh I’m weird!"

Keep Scrolling To See It!!

It's 'Punch' Time!! Here It Comes...

"Looks like a giant tick," one fan said after seeing the insides!

It literally looks like a giant white computer cord comes slithering out of this person's skin! 'Thought that was an aux chord 😂" one fan wrote.

Everyone loves when the good doctor uses the punch tool, and it allows for the juice to flow faster!!

"I NEED one of these and stand outside a dermatologist office to see if they need me to use it!!❤️" one person wrote. Ya, us too!

BTW - Just wait until you see the SAC!

Here You Go!!

See The Insane 'Botfly' Blackhead Explode!!


Dr. Pimple Popper is not usually surprised when facing a gigantic blackhead like this one...but after she sees what comes flying out, it is a shock to everyone!

"Sometimes you just have to dig deep within! Who would love to have a chance to pop something like this?! 🙌🏼" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the newest video.

In the clip, she uses the extracting tool to get this sucker moving and it takes some major digging! "That little tool really grabs a hold of the stuff," one person said.

"Have you ever had someone come in with a botfly? That one didn’t want to leave the nest 😂" a popaholic wrote.

You Gotta See This!!

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