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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This Massive Whitehead Explodes 'Mashed Potatoes AND Butter!'

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has a brutal whitehead on her hands here, and of course, we get to watch as she takes on this monster with both hands -- and just wait until you see how this thing goes off!!

"👉🏻💥👈🏻" is all Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the latest video on Instagram.

Of course, that's because there is not much to say about this massive whitehead -- except just keep your eyes focused on the head of this baby as she goes to work! This thing is incredible.

Take A Look!

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It's About To Explode!


At first, the good doctor decides to use to good ol' slice and dice method, breaking out her tweezers and scalpel to cut into the top of the skin.

Shockingly, before she can even get her hands around this monster is explodes all over the place! It is awesome!

"Yummy!" is all one fan could get out after seeing it start to fly! "Love and live for these pops!! makes me want to be a dermatologist :))" another added.

So how bad is it? "Mayonnaise 😍" is how one described it!

Keep Scrolling -- To See It Blast!

It's Mashed Potato And Butter TIME!


"Looks like puddin 😂" one popaholic wrote after watching it come unglued. Ok, that's a good point.

But, many of the fans compared this oozing liquid to mashed potatoes...and don't forget the butter!

You gotta see this entire clip, it is amazing, and as always the best part is the end where she digs out the sac...

"Is there always a bigger portion of the pimple underneath? Is that why they always come back? Lol this is crazy (and mesmerizing)" one fan asked.

See It for Yourself!!

Check Out This Gigantic Lipoma Come Unglued!!


This is one of the best pops you have ever seen, and what comes flying out of this patient looks like a nasty version of a very lovable cartoon GOTTA see this!

"It has legs! What do you all think this looks like?" Dr. Pimple Popper asked her fans on Instagram.

In the video, Dr. PP takes on one of the largest lipomas ever, and as you can see, is forced to slice into the top of his skin to get at this monster.

"OMG gnarly... It looks like Flubber! 😂😂😂

Keep Scrolling...



As she starts to rip this bad boy out of his body, it becomes really obvious..."It's Patrick From SpongeBob SquarePants!!"

Another fan agreed, "It looks like Patrick from SpongeBob 😂!!!"

Trust us, you have to watch this whole video -- the doctor pulls the entire thing out of the body and holds it up to the patient. It is incredible!

"Def a chicken breast. I'll never look at one the same again!!!! " a fan added.

Do yourself a favor, watch this video and then google Patrick from SpongeBob!

Here You Go!!

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