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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Check Out The 'Meatball Lipomas' Inside This Arm!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is able to attack any lipoma or cyst in any area of the body...but inside the inner arm is a new one for all of us! So...the doctor decided to let us watch this pop in slow motion!

"Popping into the weekend like!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video she posted on Saturday morning.

In the video, we get to see this bad boy pop out in full speed HD video...but then the good doctor does us all a favor and plays this explosion in slllooooowww motion! It's awesome!

Check It Out!

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Needed A Double Handed Squeeze...


As you can see, Dr. Lee is forced to slice the top of the skin open on each of these lipomas. But, when she gets both hands around this massive lump it's pop time!

"Look like meatball lipomas," one fan wrote after watching this thing starting to pop out of the skin.

A yellow, orange looking ball comes flying out of this patient's arm and it does look like an off-colored meatball. Although, this one you are not going to want to toss into your spaghetti.

Keep scrolling to see how this thing looks when it is ALL way out...

The Lipoma Meatball!


"Wow," one fan said.

We agree with that statement, this thing is crazy! After Dr. Lee finally gets this thing out of it's hiding spot it looks like it is just hanging from the patient's arm.

Unlike some of the other monster explosions, we see with Dr. PP, this one looks like a solid yellow ball of rock!

This bad boy looks like it could leave a scar, so one person asked, "Can lipomas be treated with cool sculpting or other treatments if you have several in one area - to avoid all the scars?" Not when it is that big!

Watch The Video...and stay for the slow motion!

Middle Of The Chest Cyst Going To Explode!

Dr. Pimple Popper is lining up to squeeze out this massive cyst in a patient's chest, and when it finally makes its world debut it looks like a load of ground beef!

"The BRAND NEW Kelly Clarkson cyst is here and ready to pop your minds! 👉🏻🎤👈🏻Tune in now, you won't want to miss this 'pop'tacular performance!" Dr. Sandra Lee said of the video.

She if obviously making a reference to '40 Year Old Virgin.' Remember in the movie when he gets this part of his chest waxed, he yells "Kelly Clarkson!"

This puppy is big, one fan even said, "It looks like he’s having his heart removed!"

Scroll Down To See It!

Looks Like A Strip Of Bacon!


"Wow looks like ground beef!" a popaholic pointed out...Another fan added, "Looks like an Italian sauce."

If you ask looks like a solid mixture of both of those things.

"That looked like a bacon of strip," one person posted after seeing this thing get squeezed out. One person said on Instagram, "Looks like crab leg meat."

"That looked like Gene Simmons tongue!" one said, "Imagine having a cyst named after you," another said.

So whether Kelly Clarkson or Gene Simmons, you think it is cool to have a cyst named after you?! We do!

Check Out The Video!

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