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Dorothea Wierer Is One Smokin' Hot Olympic Biathlete in PyeongChang

By TheBlast Staff

Dorothea Wierer may not be a household name yet, but that could possibly change after the PyeongChang Olympics because she may be an honest competitor, but she's out here stealing everyone's hearts with not only her physical attributes, but her amazing passion for her sport.

Wierer is representing Italy during the Winter Games, her sport is the biathlon, which combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Wierer is being called the next "Bond" girl around PyeongChang because she's very attractive, and is a crack shot.

She's shared tons of videos featuring her extensive training, which includes wall climbing, pull ups and tons of work on roller skis.

Unfortunately, Weirer has been battling the "flu-like symptoms" that have plagued many Olympians during the games, and hasn't had strong finishes in the three events she's competed in so far.

However, she still has a shot at redemption with one more race taking place on Saturday. Good luck!

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