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Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman Is Being Impersonated Online, Scammers Asking For Money From His Fans

By Mike Walters

Dog The Bounty Hunter is asking for help fighting a whole different kind of criminal -- he claims online scammers are impersonating him and asking for money from his fans on social media.

Duane Chapman's team issued a statement asking his followers to keep the eye out for fake accounts on Instagram and other social media outlets that are asking people for money or gift cards.

"We have become aware that there are multiple fake Dog The Bounty Hunter accounts on several social media platforms. These accounts will ask for money and gift cards. Please block and report them," his team began.

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Dog Is Asking For Help Identifying And Reporting Scammers


The continued, "Dog's Official Verified account on Instagram is @DuaneDogChapman Dog does not use any private accounts. The only place you may receive a message from Dog is on his Verified Account. Dog does not message fans for money or any other type of donation."

As for what to do if you have someone reach out to you, Dog says, "If you are approached, please black and report."

This is not the first time Dog has had to deal with this situation. Last year, he was the target of a scam where someone asked for the reality star to speak at a business conference in Dubai, and he would be paid handsomely. Of course, it was a (you pay upfront) type deal -- and turned out to be a total scam.

Fake Accounts Asking For Money And Gift Cards


Fans of Dog's are lighting up his Instagram page with stories of how these scammers have already hit up many of them.

A few say it is very similar to the Nigerian prince scam that hit people's emails in the past few years, "they ask for cards etc one came clean rang me admitted he was faking account scammers," one person said.

"Yes, I notice that myself when I had one ask me for money personally on message. I told him don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Sad the way people are!" another added.

One Scammer Even Asked For A Date! Sorry, The Real Dog Is Taken!


In one situation, a fan claimed a fake Dog account tried to set up a meeting in Las Vegas and wanted to take the fan out on a date.

"I had one of the fake accounts private message me to get to know me and wanted to come to Las Vegas to meet me. Was interested in me to date me," she wrote.

Sorry, but Dog is now taken!

Bottom Line -- "This should be common sense, but unfortunately, like deodorant not everyone uses it," a fan wrote.

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