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Dog The Bounty Hunter Posts Legal Letter Calling For Arrest Of ALL Officers In George Floyd's Murder

By Mike Walters

Dog The Bounty Hunter is in full support of arresting and charging ALL four police officers responsible for George Floyd's death -- and he shared a legal letter by a lawyer friend in San Francisco that lays out the legal authority why it is the proper decision.

Duane Chapman posted a legal letter on Instagram, written by an attorney named, James A. Quadra, who spells out the legal reason to not only arrest the three other officers involved in this case but bump Derek Chauvin's charge up to first-degree murder.

"I write to urge you to charge Derek Chauvin with first-degree murder of George Floyd and to charge the other officers involved in Mr. Floyd's death with aiding and abetting in his murders," the letter begins.

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Dog Shares Legal Letter Written By Attorney In San Francisco


James explains he is a partner at 'Quadra & Coll' in San Francisco and worked as Chief of General Litigation at the City Attorney's office. At the time, he says, "I helped supervise the office's trial team and I defended numerous civil rights cases against the San Francisco Police Department, including wrongful death cases."

He continued, "While working on those cases, I met many dedicated police officers committed to protecting and serving their community. I also met some police officers who I believed should not be wearing a badge. We analyzed each case so that the police department could make changes to improve how it functioned."

'The Conduct Of Those Minneapolis Police Officers Was Horrific'


With his experience, he concludes, "In almost 33 years of practicing law, I have never seen anything like the murder of George Floyd by police officers. The conduct of those Minneapolis police officers was horrific."

In the letter, James lays some of the blame on President Donald Trump -- "Since the election of the current occupant of the White House, there has been an increase of hate crimes, and racists appear unafraid to engage in hateful conduct."

But, realizes the problems existed before he was elected, saying, "the systemic racism that permeates U.S police departments and every aspect of our government also predates the occupant of the White House and poisons our society. It's maddening and heartbreaking."

It's Simple, 'You Have The Opportunity To Be Part Of That Change'


The letter addressed to Minnestoa prosecutors, the mayor, and others says -- it's this simple, "You have the opportunity to be part of that change."

Importantly, the attorney lays out the case law that gives the authority for the arrest of the all the officers and shows Chauvin should be charged with first-degree murder.

The lawyer then cites case law which gives them authority to charge all four officers with a crime, he is essentially giving them their case. In other words, you can hind behind "the law."

"Although I do not practice law in Minnesota, the elements of murder in the first degree are nearly identical across the U.S. So, it shocking you charged Derek Chauvin with only murder in their degree," he concludes.

See The Letter...

See The Letter...


As for the other officers, he says, "It is also shocking you have not charged the other officers involved in Mr. Floyd's death." Again, he gives them the specifics on the law, to aid in their decision.

"The other officers involved aided Chauvin, with Officer Kueng holding Mr. Floyd's back, Officer Lane holding his legs, and Officer Thao standing guard to prevent bystanders from coming to Mr. Floyd's aid. All three other officers should also be charged. Justice demands it," he writes.

As you know, Dog The Bounty Hunter has been catching bad guys for decades and works closely with many local police departments.

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