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Dog the Bounty Hunter is continuing to grieve the loss of his wife, Beth Chapman, to cancer. She died in June.

Recalling Every Last Detail

Dog spoke with Dr. Oz recently about his loss.

The TV personality and surgeon asked Dog what he thought Beth would say to him if she could see him now...."If she could see all the challenges you're feeling," he said.

Dog Broke Down Briefly

Dr. Oz / YouTube

Dog brought up a painful memory: when his parrot died, which was a couple months before Beth died.

Dog said he was crying when his parrot died, and Beth wasn't really sure why he was so upset.

"She said 'Why are you crying? Its a bird.' I said 'because I loved it.' '

He's Not Taking That Tattoo Off

Dr. Oz / YouTube

He told Dr. Oz that Beth said to him, "You'll be so sad when I die," and Dog then broke down after recalling the conversation.

Beth told him, "It's gonna be okay. The Bible says 'time heals all wounds.' "

Dog says he looked in the Bible for that phrase and couldn't find it, then said to Dr. Oz that Beth told him, "With time it'll get better, but don't you ever take my name off your chest."

"I promise you honey, I won't," he said.

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