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Dina Lohan Done With Boyfriend, No Plans to Meet After Her 'Suspicions' Confirmed

By TheBlast Staff

Dina Lohan says there's no chance she's getting back with her online boyfriend and now believes her suspicions about him were "justified."

"It’s always sad when a friendship is over but people have always run to the media about me and my family," Lohan tells The Blast. "I thought he was different until I had suspicions which he just proved to be justified."

As The Blast reported, Dina Lohan and Jesse Nadler broke up on Saturday after arguing over a Facebook photo he posted of a friend’s book. She thought it was a book about a woman (he says it wasn’t) and she got upset.

Despite Nadler actually claiming they patched things up and telling us he's very much back with Dina Lohan, we're told that's not true. In fact, sources close to Dina say there was never a meeting scheduled -- something Nadler says had been on the books for a while.

"There was no meeting scheduled as of yet because Dina was already suspicious that he was media hungry and she is in talks about doing several new shows, including a dating show," sources familiar with the situation say.

Although, the two were "good friends," our source adds, "There were a lot of things that weren’t quite right."

"He was a good friend to her and they spoke quite a bit- but things changed after Celebrity Big Brother and he got a taste of seeing his name in the media and he tried to get his name everywhere as her 'boyfriend.'"

Their relationship caught attention after Dina Lohan dished about their romance during her "Big Brother" stint. She said the two met on Facebook and began a relationship but admitted they had never met or even video chatted with each other.

Nadler previously told The Blast his chemistry with Lindsay Lohan’s mother is undeniable and said he was in love with Dina, even though he realized the relationship was “unorthodox.”

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