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Demi Lovato: To The 'Bad' Cops -- 'Stop Killing Black People. Period.'

By Mike Walters

Demi Lovato has a very serious message for police officers in this country, "Stop Killing Black People. Period."

The 'Sorry Not Sorry' singer posted a lengthy statement on Instagram, reacting to the announcement the other three officers involved in the killing of George Floyd being charged with 'aiding and abetting' murder -- where she addresses all cops and President Donald Trump.

"To the "bad" cops: Stop Killing Black People Period," she began.

She continued, "You are a disgrace to this country and humanity itself and if you are mentally unstable enough that you judge someone from their skin color - you don't deserve to be a cop so please turn in your badge and gun before you kill another human being."

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Demi Lovato Addresses 'Good' & 'Bad' Police Officers...

Demi Lovato also addressed other police officers she calls the 'Good' ones. "To the "good" cops: Stop letting your co-workers kill black people. Period. I thank you for hearing everyone and protecting us but oh my god please do something! Please do better!!!!!!"

Earlier this week, Demi addressed President Donald Trump -- slamming him for his bible photo op. and asking him to be a leader in this situation. Speaking to him again, she said...

"To our "President": Be the leader we need right now. We are stuck with you until November so I am literally begging you: Fix this. You're doing nothing to calm the American people nor have you done anything to protect the black community or stand up for them. You're a cold, heartless man and I hope this will haunt you forever. Do something other than threatening people. For God's sake do what your wife says and 'Be Best' (whatever the f--- that even means)"

Demi Lovato To Donald Trump -- Be The Leader We Need Right Now!

She continued, "White people: PLEASE HELP FIGHT THIS GOOD FIGHT. The black community NEEDS YOU!!!! EVERYONE needs you. I'm terrified that the streets will burn and bleed until justice is served and that will not happen until we ALL do our part. Our people f---ed this up: THIS IS NOT ON THE BLACK COMMUNITY TO FIX!!! WE need to make this right. NOW!!!!!!!"

Demi didn't stop there, she also confronted anyone who is shaming protestors who have taken to the streets demanding action.

"Not everyone is going to live up to your standards of what an activist should do, but just remember..these times are f----ing crazy..there's still a global pandemic going on and some people can't protest even if they want to because of their health conditions. Or some people literally don't have the emotional capacity to process what's happening and are riddled with anxiety and just trying to survive the day but everyone is on their own journey and hopefully, they will find the strength to fight their own struggles to be able to help others," she wrote.

'This Is A Learning Experience For Everyone'

Lastly, Demi addressed white people who she says may be afraid of saying the wrong thing at this moment in time.

"To scared or uncomfortable white people who aren't speaking out: This is not about you BUT THIS DOES CONCERN YOU and I'm begging yiou to push past the fear of saying the wrong thing or pissing people off...we won't get anywhere until we TRY. This is a learning experience for everyone, especially white people who are confused or not understanding the heaviness and depth of this one is perfect but staying silent will only hurt others so please: ask yourself why you're uncomfortable, check yourself because there's probably a deeper reason you'd choose the side of the oppressors than educate yourself, stop talking or ignorant content on your socials for once and LISTEN. Because now is not our time to talk. We can act and help but people of color are suffering and we need to give them the respect of listening, learning, and THEN you can speak up and do your part."

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