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Celebrities Who've Created Stirs With Their Hairstyles

By Carol Cassada

Keri Russell

Gettyimages | Getty Images

In 1998, Keri Russell became a star when she played the title character on the WB show Felicity. Russell won fans over with her curly hair and girl next door looks. The show was an instant smash and Russell won a Golden Globe for her role. However, a year later, Russell returned to the show with a new hairdo. The star cut off her famous curls for a shorter hairstyle. Keri’s shorter hair was met with negative reaction, with fans believing the new cut didn’t suit the star. Felicity was cancelled in 2002, and many fans blamed Russell’s hairstyle for the demise of the show. Keri Russell was able to bounce back from the fallout and has continued to have a successful career, which includes a breakout role on The Americans. These days she’s back to sporting longer hair, much to the delight of her fans.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Giphy | CMT

These days Billy Ray Cyrus is known for being Miley’s dad, but in the 1990s he became a breakout star in the country music scene. The singer became a sensation for his hit song Achy Breaky Heart, but it was his mullet that created a buzz. Cyrus looked like a real country boy with his jeans, boots, and mullet. Cyrus caught a lot of flak for his mullet, which overshadowed his musical talent. Cyrus would later ditch the mullet and experience a career comeback when he starred with Miley on the hit Disney series Hannah Montana.

Jennifer Aniston


In 1994, Jennifer Aniston landed the breakout role of Rachel Green on the TV show Friends. The role would help launch Aniston's successful acting career. During the early days of the show, Aniston's acting was overshadowed by her hairstyle. Dubbed the Rachel haircut, the style became popular during the 90s. While salons earned money from the Rachel haircut, there's one person who wasn't a fan of the hairdo. Aniston has stated that she didn't like the hairstyle because it was ugly and hard to maintain.

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